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Hello to everyone!  Alli and I are excited to be launching a band new rejuvenation center, uBlissity, that features the amazing Theraphi device.     Over the last 10 years Alli and I have experienced a wide range of health related issues. Through all of these experiences we have learned a tremendous amount. As a team we bring you an opportunity to use Theraphi and a chance to experience its wonderful effects!

Josh’s experience with Theraphi

For me getting involved with Theraphi was about getting my wife to be free from pain. Its very hard to watch someone you care about suffer day in and day out and not be able to do anything. Since using Theraphi I have noticed several effects, for example my vision has gotten a lot clearer and I noticed not needing to wear sunglasses when out driving like I used to. I used to get a headache from certain lighting conditions and from squinting in general but now that seems to be gone. In 2012 I injured my back body surfing in Hawaii and I’ve noticed a big reduction in pain, as time passes its getting harder to remember how much it used to bug me. Lastly I have noticed I’m having dreams again, and after waking up I’m remembering them. For the last 15 or more years I rarely will remember a dream but since using the Theraphi Ive had many days where I remembered my dreams, some days I can wake and then even return back to a dream! I definitely feel with Theraphi I’m getting deeper more restful sleep.


Alli’s experience with Theraphi


I have suffered with pain nearly all of my life and as a result have tried many many different modalities. Needless to say when my husband told me about Theraphi I was very skeptical.
In my life I have gone to numerous doctors and done endless modalities for pain and some things would work slightly but never longterm. I got to the point where emotionally I felt like I gave up. I had spent two months in a alternative hospital in Mexico
which with the doctors grace and sheer willpower I lived but the pain in my body didn’t go away. Living with level 10 body pain and migraines every day for the past 8 years emotionally takes its toll. I was beyond grateful to be alive and on the other hand it was not a very high quality of life.

Fast forward about 6 years and my husbands research lead him to Theraphi. He was confident it would help me with my pain! I flew to NYC and stayed for a week entirely to use this new device. As I landed in NY I basically blacked out on the plane from the pain. I thank God I came through before everyone was off the plane, this was my pain level as I arrived.

While in NY I did two sessions a day for Seven days. I have attached a couple of photos Josh took. The first one was taken just before going to get my first Theraphi session so my head was hurting and I wasnt really
feeling like taking pictures, the second photo was as we were going in for day two. I felt a big reduction in pain within the first day and most people notice this in the two pictures. By the end of the week I had about 14 sessions and my head pain came down to a about a 3 or 4. For me being at a level 4 was the feeling of a miracle. Nine months later and the pain still has never gone above a 4!!!

I have noticed while using Theraphi is that my skin looks healthier, and my night vision has dramatically improved. Also, Theraphi has also help my aging Dog Lola, she is much happier now and barks a lot less!!




From Sierri W. in Minnesota


I started using the TheraPhi about 3 months ago. I don’t really understand the science of it, but I do understand the feeling of
well being that I feel after each session. Peace of mind certainly was the first benefit I noticed and it has remained gentle and consistent throughout each session.

I had been noticing a pain in the middle of my back, especially when driving for more that a couple hours. That pain just disappeared within my first three sessions and has not returned, even when driving longer periods. That was such a relief!

I have suffered for so many year with insomnia or really restless sleep, almost a tormented sleep, when I would finally fall asleep. The last few years I have been taking a sleeping aid every night and it helped. I know it wasn’t good for my body, but it felt so goodto shut the brain off and sleep. After about 2 months of my TheraPhi session, I realized I don’t need them any more. I am now sleeping restfully with no sleeping aid and that feels so good!

At first I could not feel the energy vibration. I always laid with my head to the north. Josh suggested I switch and put my feet north and my head south. When I tried that, I could really feel the energy in my toes and feet, and about a foot up my legs. I continue to start my sessions with my head south and feet north, switching halfway through each session. I always walk away feeling good, stress gone for me!
On the subject of legs, I was so surprised to find I needed to shave my legs more often. My hair was growing faster!

I brought a few plants to the office, as Josh’s plants were thriving in the room the TheraPhi was in. The windows were always covered and the light was minimal at best, yet these plants have flourished on the TheraPhi energy. (I have attached a few pictures of them). As you can see from the pictures, 2 of them even bloomed. The corn looking plant smelled like a Hawaiian flower. It was such a tropical, sweet fragrance!

TheraPhi for me, has been a gentle, pleasant energy and I truly am thankful to have had it in our area in the Midwest. I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to have a TheraPhi unit available to me and I was open minded enough to take advantage of this technology. Now I have a calm peace of mind, the pain in my back is gone and I can sleep restfully all night, every night!

Thank you Josh for making the TheraPhi available to me!

Sierri W of Minnesota





From David in Minnesota

I am a Farmer in Southern MN. I’m 63 years old and have been using the Theraphi for a couple months. I’ve done sessions of 10 minutes about 3 or 4 times a week. I have noticed that the results Ive been experiencing have been getting more noticeable each week.

For me I can tell it gives me more energy! I can tell that I think better and remember better after sessions and as a whole since I started using Theraphi. Overall I feel happier and more upbeat after my sessions.

I can definitely tell its helping reduce my arthritis, in my elbow and wrist. I also had been in a roll over accident which caused a bunch of pain in my neck and shoulders a couple years ago. I’ve noticed the pain has almost completely disappeared, and the sounds I used to hear in my neck (like a creaky old wood floor) are no longer there.

There is probably a lot of other stuff that I don’t even know that it is helping, like feeling younger!! I would think it would help anyone with pain or a sickness!!



Anita in Minnesota writes


I have been Using TheraPhi for around 3 months. I have lost track of time with exactly how long. I
am 29 years old and have
suffered from headaches for as long as I can remember. I have gotten the occasional migraines as well. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it felt like to live a day without a headache. There were days where it would be just a dull ache and that to me was as good as it got. I had a few other things I wanted to try TheraPhi for but I will start with my headaches since my sister In Law had such great results for her I just had to give it a shot. Taking 6 plus Ibuprofen daily and possibly an Aleve here and there to help in any way since Tylenol did nothing to touch the pain. There had been days I would come home from work and just crawl into bed tears in my eyes trying to squeeze my head just to not have the pain. The sound of my son wanting to play was nearly enough to make me jump out of my skin. This wasn’t a daily thing to have them this bad, however the use of pain killers became so often I started to stop taking them as I know the harm the can do to the internal organs, and they didn’t have much effect. With all this said when I started my sessions as I like to call them I started out slow. The 1st time I laid down in the field I didn’t feel the energy per say as a tingling. For me it was a slight pressure in the head. What I did notice was that my neck started to hurt after a few sessions (by few I mean about a week after doing I believe 2 sessions a day). By the weekend of my 1st week I had what I would describe as a healing crisis. My neck and head were fighting something in my body that didn’t want to leave, be it toxins, emotions, or illness it caused inflammation in 1 of the major areas I got some of my worst headaches. I was fortunate enough to have TheraPhi available to me for everyday of the week and I continued to do sessions through this pain. I did lower it some as to give my body a break. In a few days, my neck pain gave way. It just was gone 1 morning. That was my turning point. Ever since this point in my sessions my head pain never went back up to the level it had been at. Even now 3 months out I have not had a day where I have come home in such pain I crawled to bed. I am currently still doing at least 1 session a day.

Now onto other issues I wanted to work on. For nearly 3 years now I have suffered from lung issues. By issues I mean Pneumonia, and Bronchitis. I have been into multiple doctors in 3 different hospitals to have testing done. I have had 2 CT scans of my chest, 1 CT scan of my sinus cavity in my head, pulmonary function testing and more blood tests than I can count. I have taken rounds and rounds of antibiotics and steroid inhalers. The pain associated with chronic walking pneumonia feel like someone is sitting of your chest. It is hard to take full deep breaths, I remember waking up feeling like I was having a heart attack because 1 side of my body would hurt all the way down my arm. I still do not have a full diagnosis as to why I have been having these problems or a perfect solution. While doing my sessions with TheraPhi I noticed I would start coughing. This didn’t start right away as I said before my head was the 1st thing I noticed, but as time went on even days where is wouldn’t cough much at work all day I would lay down I the field and instantly start coughing up mucus. I have not had an episode since I have started my sessions where I have gone back to the doctor because of lung pain. I have not been on any more antibiotics. I tried about 1 month into my sessions a breathing technique Josh had showed me. I did this while in the TheraPhi field and he timed me for how long I could hold my breath. I was blown away I could hold as long as I could considering I have had chronic lung issues for nearly 3 years now but what amazed me the most was how amazing I felt after this session. I remember messaging Josh and said I feel amazing! I don’t remember feeling so great as I did that day. I could have flown.

The 3rd major thing that I noticed I have struggled with is consistently getting a good nights sleep. I started taking sleeping aids for maybe about a year give or take. A lot of the time it was a Tylenol PM because I had headaches and couldn’t sleep. (double whammy on my organs) I noticed when I was pregnant with my son I started not sleeping so well. After he was born I did what I would assume most mothers do I’d strain to hear if he would wake up. As many new mothers know it’s a scary thought of not hearing your baby crying for you. As he grew older the need for me to hear him became less, yet I had trained myself to listen all night so I couldn’t sleep even when exhausted. Around a month and a half ago I allowed Josh to talk me into trying a natural sleep aid to wean me off the pills. This worked surprisingly well for me. I tried on the weekend not taking the natural aid and slept well. I went for a week or 2 with taking the natural aid when needed. I went on a 4 day trip and didn’t take and aids with me and slept like a baby. I don’t remember the last time I slept like that. I haven’t had a sleep aid since. I will still have a random night from time to time where I have extra stress from the day that will keep me up some but I’m feeling more rested and not so angry with life when I wake up. Since on the sleeping topic I also notice in the last month to 2 months I have become so relaxed while in a session I would fall asleep. Fully asleep! When I go in for a session for me it is quiet peaceful nap time where I just shut my brain off and let the energy flow over my body.

Last thing I will note is that for the last 11 months I have been going through separation and divorce process. Many know the emotional roller coaster that this will cause. I have had many days where I just felt blah and didn’t want to do anything. When I started TheraPhi I didn’t know how my emotional state would be effected. There were many days where my mind would run through daily issues or struggles. I even got emotional while in the field. I stated to notice when I’d finish a session I wouldn’t be so emotional. I felt more grateful. Grateful that I was learning and growing. I wasn’t as overcome by my problems. I felt like I had started gaining my self-value back. I did do some energy healing with my sister in law during this time as well and I know this helped me with getting through emotional wall blocks and the Theraphi helped release the stored negativity.

I am sure there is something I am forgetting something as once pain leaves its hard to remember what once ailed you. I can genuinely say I have noticed marked improvement in my pain levels and just an overall happier feeling about life. I am continuing my sessions for as long as I have Theraphi available to me. I know it is a technology that is advanced and with limited access since it is so new and I tend to take every advantage of it as long as I can.
Anita Southern MN 7-7-17
From Tony in Washington

I was able to try out Theraphi a couple of times while Josh was visiting the Port Angeles area and found it to be a calming and relaxing experience. I didnt have any physical ailments to compare a before / after but definitely felt relaxed after.



From Edgar V. in California

My name is Edgar and I hit the gym a little hard one day doing squats, I threw my back out and it was killing me. My friend Josh was visiting Orange County with Theraphi and offered me a session. i spent about 10 minutes that night in the Theraphi field and as the as the session happened, in realtime, I could feel the pain and the pressure melting away from my back. By the next morning I was back to work and my back pain was greatly reduced, I really was amazed!